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Palital & Aveve Biochem will continue their growth path under 1 brand: Palital

Palital & Aveve Biochem will continue their growth path under 1 brand: Palital

Leuven & Velddriel, 9 april 2021 – Arvesta, the parent company of Aveve Biochem, remains committed to international growth and therefore extended its participation in Palital to a full ownership in January 2021.

This ownership is fully in line with the strategy of both companies for further international expansion. To reinforce that strategy, the two brands have now chosen to continue their growth ambitions under only one brand name: Palital.

“Palital is a well-known brand name that together with its baseline “Clean growth” will help us realise our growth plans in the coming years. This choice also emphasizes our ambition to integrate the two brands as soon as possible.”, says Guy Janssens, Director Feed Additives & Specialties at Arvesta.

“This means that the Aveve Biochem brand will be integrated into the Palital brand, but we will keep our strong product names like AveMix, well known for 15 years in the market and with a proven track record with our clients & distributors.”

Starting April 1st, ’21 we merged our two sales, marketing and product management organisations together under the Palital umbrella, with headquarters in Velddriel.

How will this affect our clients and distributors?

This integration will allow us to offer a more dedicated service to our customers, with expertise from both the Aveve Biochem and Palital team of experts. Furthermore, we will extend our portfolio with the specialties of Aveve Biochem, with the specialties of Biochem, such as enzymes, medium-chain glycerides and essential oils. This will also benefit our geographic reach, which will allow us to grow better and faster.

Orders can still be placed through your trusted channels, either with your contact person at Palital or Aveve Biochem, or at our offices in Merksem or Velddriel.

We trust that we have sufficiently informed you about these developments. If there are any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact your Business Manager or our offices in Merksem or Velddriel.

Kind regards,

The Palital & Aveve Biochem team



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