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Ariela Marketing Co., Inc., one of the dynamic veterinary companies in the Philippines founded in 1991 by Dr. Arthus Lino C. Roxas. Ariela was established to handle activities primarily in veterinary pharmaceuticals and feed supplements for poultry and swine integrator operations.

In 1995, Ariela took a momentous step into the commercial market in the Philippines; a vital move to effectively expand customer base. What started as a one-man operation has evolved into a dynamic marketing company serving the entire Philippines.

Seeing the need of the market, Ariela, together with its business partners, ventured into technology farming in swine and feed milling industries.It introduced the liquid feeding systems for pig farms and automation of feed milling operations.

Ariela believes the farmers are the hope of the future. Together with its local and international partners, Ariela continuously researches and develops products best suitable for the local market. Ariela is committed in delivering products and services for the farmer, in line with its thrust towards global competitiveness.

Inspired by its principle Sustainable Development in Animal Production and guided by its core values: Quality,Consistency, Innovativeness, Technology, Excellence, Customer Focus, Team Work, Environment Enhancement, and Integrity.Ariela has managed to cultivate its business and capture market shares in the industry.

Dr. Arthus Lino C. Roxas
Dr. Arthus Lino C. Roxas
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